Authentic Tadelakt Course

26, 27 and 28 July 2021

Third module of the Natural Coatings Monograph at Iscles 2021


Intensive authentic Tadelakt applicator course certified by the Moroccan Tadelakt Institute.

  • Lime cycle
  • Types of limes
  • Marrakesh lime, calcination, origin, properties
  • The Tadelakt technique.
  • Lime soap
  • Supports, compatibilities and preparation
  • Preparation and uses of pigments.


  • Practices on rasilla and on wall.
  • Preparation of the support.
  • Preparation of the Tadelakt dough and colouring of the paste
  • Working on curved surfaces
  • Wall honing with stone and spatulas
  • Application of lime soap
  • Use of different types of waxes
  • Decorative techniques with Tadelakt, stencilling, sgraffito, fresco painting, etc.
  • Formulation of Tadelakt-type mixes with local limes and aggregates

Course development

In order to offer a more dynamic experience, the practical part of the course will take place in the mornings, leaving the afternoons to deal with theoretical aspects, didactic excursions, discussion and the sharing of practical cases.


Theoretical part

Paloma Folache

Restorer of Cultural Heritage, Superior Technician in Applied Wall Arts, one of the main activists of this technique in Spain, member of the European research team of Tadelakt promoted by the European Union (erasmus+).



Day One


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

During the practical part of the workshop, we will make samples of different options for substrate preparation, we will organise the next day’s work in a team and we will have our first contact with the technique by making individual samples on squeegees.


17:00 - end

Theoretical explanation of what Tadelakt is, understanding the differences between the composition of limestone and its uses, we will talk about how to prepare the walls where we are going to make Tadelakt and the colouring of the pastes. Lime cycle. Types of limes. Marrakech lime, calcination, origin, properties. The Tadelakt technique. Lime soap. Supports. Preparation and uses of pigments.

Day Two


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

The first day’s practice will have already given us the basic rules to be able to tackle the execution of Tadelakt on vertical wall surfaces. The instructor at this stage will be of help, clarifying doubts, each one will know the steps to reach a good end. It is intended that everyone individually encounters their own difficulties, what better place to resolve them than in a course. On concave and/or convex surfaces we will find together the tools and resources to cover future washbasins or walls with organic shaped surfaces.


17:00 - end

Doubts, we will discuss: What is Tadelakt? Tadelakt and traditional aerial lime stucco techniques. Formulations for making lime plaster using the Moroccan technique. How to adapt surfaces, cases and solutions. Tadelakt maintenance. Wax application. Evolution of the marketing of Tadelakt in Europe, suppliers, blends, marketing, practitioners It will also be a time to talk about your projects and to think about how to solve them.

Day Three


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

The Tadelakt process ends with the application of soap. We will decide whether to wax or not, what type of wax, when and why. On new supports previously prepared and once the traditional technique has been learnt, it is the moment to play with colour, to make sgraffito decorations, with different coloured lines, and to make our own mixtures either with nationally formulated mortars or with the lime, sands and aggregates that we have.


15:00 - 17:00

Farewell and closure At the end of the course the student will receive the Certificate of Attendance, the Tadelakt Guide and digital documentation.

Fourth Day




The course

The participation fee for the course is

300 ,- €

Accommodation and Meals

The price of the meals is 25€ per day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, all prepared with love and mostly from our own gardens. Accommodation can be in a shared room, teepee or single tent with bed (€10/night) or free camping with use of shower and dry toilet (€3/night).