Lime Mortars and Stuccos Course

23, 24 and 25 July 2021

Second module of the Natural Coatings Monograph at Iscles 2021


  • Theory and application of lime-based mortars
  • Lime cycle
  • Heritage restoration
  • Different types of lime and their application in mortar formulation
  • Types of stucco and its uses
  • Properties of the different types of aggregate in stuccos. Silicates, carbonates and marmolines
  • Application of the successive layers and their specific formulation
  • Additives to improve the performance of mortars
  • Pigments, nature, dosage and compatibility with lime
  • Lime water. Fresco painting
  • On-site application of stucco to marble
  • “Soaping and other waterproofing techniques
  • Use of waxes, polishing and surface polishing


  • Formulation of mortars with different types of lime according to their use
  • Surface preparation, application of base coat or lime plaster on uneven substrates by means of a plastering technique in order to obtain a smooth working surface.
  • Application of stucco to marble in three layers with different granulometries on a test piece.
  • Marble stucco application, setting out, application of the different layers and sealing of the surface with a trowel.
  • Waxing and polishing of the surface by hand and with machinery
  • The use of lime water and fresco paintings on our
  • Introduction to sgraffito

Course development

In order to offer a more dynamic experience, the practical part of the course will take place in the mornings, leaving the afternoons to deal with theoretical aspects, didactic excursions, discussion and the sharing of practical cases.


Theoretical part

Esteban Hernández García

Expert in heritage intervention techniques and builder. Long experience as a heritage restorer and specialised in lime mortars.

Nadir Sirera Oriol

Architect and Builder based in Iscles. Specialised in Bioclimatic Architecture and Bioconstruction, working for years in the restoration and recovery of Vernacular Architecture.


Equipo Iscles

The entire Iscles team will guide the construction work.


Day One


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

Lime as a building material. Lime cycle and production process Different types of lime and their application in mortar production Propiedades de los distintos tipos de áridos en los estucos. Silicates, carbonates and marmolines Workshop: Preparation of different mortars to appreciate the differences in workability offered by the different aggregates and limes. On-site application of hydraulic lime mortar on irregular surfaces by means of a relegation technique to obtain a smooth working surface that is chemically compatible with the stucco.


17:00 - end

Small educational excursion where we can visit old lime kilns and identify the limestone used as raw material. Showing of a documentary on the traditional manufacture of lime Discussions

Day Two


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

Different types of stucco and formulation of its coatings Practical workshop on marble stucco: Individual work on rasilla to familiarise oneself with the technique. Application of the three coats of stucco and soapstone


17:00 - end

Heritage restoration and conservation of lime mortars Open space for the sharing of case studies contributed by the participants or by ourselves. We encourage you to bring your project!

Day Three


9:00-15:00 (with a short break)

Practical workshop on the application of marble stucco on a wall previously prepared in the first practical workshop. Formulación y coloración de las pastas Laying of the different layers and soaping Working on curved surfaces Application of waxes and polishing of samples Introduction to sgraffito and fresco painting


15:00 - 17:00

Farewell and closure

Fourth Day




The course

The participation fee for the course is

250.- €

Accommodation and Meals

The price of the meals is 25€ per day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, all prepared with love and mostly from our own gardens. Accommodation can be in a shared room, teepee or single tent with bed (€10/night) or free camping with use of shower and dry toilet (€3/night).