julio, 2021

29jul01agoSpecialisation course. Stucco finishing techniques with Nuria CasadevallFourth module of the Natural Coatings Monograph at Iscles 2021(julio 29) 09:00 - (agosto 1) 17:00 IsclesTipo de Evento:Bioconstruction


  • Practices on rasilla and on wall.
  • Preparation of the support.
  • Production of the stucco masses.
  • Application of the three coats of white stucco.
  • Composition design: marbled, plain, figurative, abstract…
  • Template production, transfer of the drawing.
  • Application of the brush soap on the stucco.
  • Ironing with irons.
  • Preparation and application of the finishing wax.
  • Pathologies of the stuccoes ironed on.
  • Restoration of an ironed stucco: chromatic reintegration, glazes, with lime and silicate.

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Julio 29 (Jueves) 09:00 - Agosto 1 (Domingo) 17:00

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