A social project of sustainable and creative inhabitance in midst of nature
Iris con yue y caballos

About Us

We are a group of people of different ages who enjoy living in nature. We seek an alternative solution to the current pattern of social progress, a way that brings us closer to the earth and its rhythms, sustained by the ethics in its use and relationship with it, its resources and animals, the way we build and create infrastructure.

The group of the “Iscles Association” emerged in 2012, driven by the desire, affinity and the illusion of inhabiting a sustainable human environment, based on a policy of consensus in decision-making and the close collaboration in all areas, among its members.

We work with joy to rebuild and create this space, so that our small village, Iscles, may be a center of coexistence, healthy wellbeing and human development. A haven of peace in which the transmission and exchange of traditional knowledge and other manifold wisdoms is possible.

Sustainable Construction

Another way of doing things….


After more than six years of experience building with natural materials, found right around us, we want to open the doors and share our knowledge through weekend courses, which we will begin to organize from the spring  2019 in our village, Iscles.

The courses will be carried out in collaboration with the Okambuva bio-construction cooperative (Sagunto), and as part of the Master’s programme in Management of Bio-construction Projects taught by this cooperative.

The teaching team is made up of all the members of the Iscles Association, which is a multidisciplinary group, covering the areas of construction, architecture, engineering, art, nutrition, pedagogy, health, anthropology among others. We will also have collaborators in topics such as geology, radiesthesia and traditional construction that make the content of the courses more complete and interesting.

In spring 2019 we will launch two courses: stone construction, with a practical approach focused primarily on dry stone, and earth/clay construction, where we will learn to build load-bearing walls of clay (adobe, cob, cob formwork, thatch).

Building with Stones

A course with a practical approach on construction with dry stone

Building with Clay

A course where we will learn how to elaborate Adobe, make walls, thatches and more


We work with joy for the future of our village

The most important and urgent project:

The Future School

The project is based on the reconstruction of an old barn in ruins. The idea is to turn it into a multipurpose community center that the children of Iscles and surroundings can use as a school. It will also serve as a cultural centre for the development of courses, workshops, talks and exchanges that seek to promote topics of current relevance such as: bio-construction, organic agriculture, health, ecology, integration and more.

To make it happen, we need your support