Our Philosophy

We conceive community not as an end in itself but as a means of creation and evolution, through human relations and coexistence, fully, solidary and capable of generating a healthy society.
We continuously strive for sustainability, learning to be in balance with our environment and our planet, taking care of the Earth and its resources that will one day be inherited by future generations.
We want to promote the transition of our culture towards a world that develops societies capable of taking care of life.

  • Our Orchard

    Our Orchard

  • Seed house

    Seed house

  • ...inside the Doom

    ...inside the Doom


We have the illusion of being as self-sufficient as possible, not at all an easy task, so we cultivate our orchards in an organic way, collecting autochthonous varieties and looking for authentic species in the seed banks.

Cooking, Nutrition, Bread & Pastries

We consider that food is one of the fundamental aspects for physical health, satisfaction and for enjoyment. That’s why in the elaboration of our dishes we use ingredients of the best quality that come mainly from our organic orchards, from the preserves made from previous seasons, or local markets.

The meals are prepared fresh, in a totally artisan way, with dedication, care and love, balancing the ingredients and trying a rich and varied diet. Each one of us cooks in his own way and thus enriches the variety of dishes with his special touch.
We also elaborate bread and occasionally pamper ourselves with a delicious dessert or pastries.

Elaborating the occasional pastry...

Elaborating the occasional pastry...


0 Km for materials and respect for nature.
With our way of building we try to find harmony between people and the environment. We want to enjoy healthy spaces, with low energy consumption and to produce our own energy with solar panels.

We use natural materials that are in the vicinity of our habitat and that don’t require unnecessary energy costs for extraction or transport: clay and sand from our ravines, river water, straw that we buy or exchange with our neighbours, wood from the forest or purchased nearby, carpentry often recycled or recovered.

We work as a team, collecting and gathering the raw materials we need to manufacture the adobe bricks that we dry in the sun; we build stone walls, wooden structures, tapial walls… to built what ever we need next.

Cosmetics and Medicinal Plants

We also delve into the study and use of autochthonous plants that we use for nutrition, medicine, cosmetics or hygiene.

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Education and Pedagogy

We accompany children in their growth offering them a holistic education, incorporating contents through situations that arise or through the creative development of games and stories that respond to each individual needs and preferences. Adapted to the aptitudes of each child in particular,  to his rhythm and way of doing. We want to approach the children in this way to culture, art and also to self consciousness, to their relationship with others and to respect of the world in which we all live.

We give great importance to the relationship and love to nature in general.
The children accompany us in our daily life, while working in the gardens, in the workshops, attending the animals, preparing food in the kitchen or elaborating the bread.
The children also develop their creative potential through artistic expressions and learn to fulfil themselves as individuals and as a group.

The Art of Living

We respect and care the environment we live in

We encourage harmonious personal relationships

We create beauty where we are and in the ways our lives unfold

We create awareness and encourage the development of our children’s potential.

We prepare our food in such a way, that in addition to be healthy, tasty and delicious its also a pleasure