Accommodation, meals and facilities:

The access to Iscles is exclusively for 4×4 vehicles prepared to drive in mud, this and the isolated situation make that the only possibility to attend the courses is to stay and eat in the same village.

Accommodation can be in the room in the common house, the former village school, which can accommodate about ten people, or in a tepee six metres in diameter, which can accommodate another ten people. If someone prefers more privacy, they can pitch their tent in any meadow in the surrounding area. In all cases we have mattresses for all participants, whether they stay in the house, in the tipi or in private tents.

The food is prepared by hand in the village, with food largely from our garden, our chicken coop and organic or quality raw materials. We prepare it with love and dedication, always including a delicious dessert. In principle, the diet is ovo-dairy-vegetarian. In case of preparing a dish with meat, there will always be another vegetarian alternative. In case of vegans or people with special needs, please advise in advance.

We have a shower with hot water both in the common house and outside. The dry toilet is located near this area. We have solar electric installation to charge mobile devices. We do not have Internet access and to get mobile coverage we have to walk to the entrance of the village.

How to get here?

You can arrive with your car up to two kilometers before the Iscles, from a track that leaves de Cajigar, there we have a parking area.

For those who do not have a vehicle, we will organize a pick-up at the following address Tolva (Huesca), as it is the nearest town through which a main road passes. There is a daily service of two or three Alsina Graellsbuses coming from Barcelona and stopping in Lleida. For those who come by bla bla car or similar the pick up point will also be Tolva. In any case, we will organise the trips prior to each course, in order to try to optimise the pick ups as much as possible.

The final stretch of road will be done with our 4×4 vehicles, in case you have your own off-road vehicle, please consult beforehand, because depending on the weather the road can be impassable if you are not well prepared.

What to bring?

  • Sleeping bag, pillow and towel
    Work clothes and mountain footwear
  • Protective equipment such as gloves and goggles
  • Swimming trunks and clothes that can get dirty (for construction courses with soil)
  • Rain jacket and warm clothes (it can get chilly in the evenings).
  • Flashlight or headlamp (we don’t have outdoor lighting)
  • All kinds of medicines, toiletries, special foods, tobacco or anything else you need to buy, as there are no shops nearby.
  • Willingness to learn and share

What not to bring?

  • Electrical appliances such as hairdryer, iron, shavers, computers… as we do not have 220V electricity. Mobile phones only
  • Dogs, cats or other pets (We have loose chickens and other dogs here)

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