The most important and urgent Project right now

The Future School

The children are growing, this year Yue is 6 years old and has started attending school regularly.
The nearest centre is 25 km from home, and it takes 50 minutes to get there. For the child it is two trips and for us four, that is to say 4 hours a day on the road and about 360 euros a month of gas. An unsustainable ruin and a completely absurd waste of energy, as well as valuable time that slips out of our hands.

The creation of a school in our village is a matter of urgency and we plan to begin this spring 2019 with the reconstruction work on the building we have reserved for it. We intend to start tuition next year with the incorporation of the younger children to whom we did not wanted to endure the everyday journey so far.
On the other hand, the idea of the existence of a free school in Iscles is not new at all, but it is one of the fundamental pillars of the our association. We think that the education of the new generation is one of the most important factors of the change necessary for humanity to reconnect with itself and with the life that surrounds it.

Education and Pedagogy

We accompany children in their growth offering them a holistic education, incorporating contents through situations that arise or through the creative development of games and stories that respond to each individual needs and preferences. Adapted to the aptitudes of each child in particular,  to his rhythm and way of doing. We want to approach the children in this way to culture, art and also to self consciousness, to their relationship with others and to respect of the world in which we all live.

We give great importance to the relationship and love to nature in general.
The children accompany us in our daily life, while working in the gardens, in the workshops, attending the animals, preparing food in the kitchen or elaborating the bread.
The children also develop their creative potential through artistic expressions and learn to fulfil themselves as individuals and as a group.

The Project


The project is based on the reconstruction of an old barn in ruins. The idea is to turn it into a multipurpose community center, that the children of Iscles and surrounding areas, can use as a school. It will also serve as a cultural centre for the development of courses, workshops, talks and exchanges that seek to promote topics of current relevance such as: bio-construction, organic agriculture, health, ecology, integration and more.


In this way, an open-plan space will be maintained on the ground floor to serve as a general community warehouse, as it is located at street level.
On the first floor with 55m2, the classroom will be located in a big open space with a central pillar. It will communicate with a bathroom with hot water and a dry toilet system.
In this same open space, do to its high ceiling, we intend to build a wooden loft to provide a space for accommodation for the children and adults the are attending the activities.


The building chosen to house this centre is an old stable of cavalries, the stable of Casa Farrás, as it is known in the area. It is a building with an almost square floor plan, built entirely from load-bearing walls of stone masonry and a large central pillar seven metres high, also of stone.
The roof, or what remains of it, is made up of coarse oak beams and a system of distribute oak planks with ceramic tiles layered on top.
This building was used to store straw and fodder on the upper floor, with direct access to the threshing floor where cereal was processed, and as a stable on the lower floor at street level. The intermediate slab still retains the existing hatches for filling the feeders directly from the haystack.

Current State

After some forty years of neglect, the stable has lost almost half of its roof, the walls have begun to wash and crumble where the stone slabs that protected it from the rain, have fallen, and the vegetation has alarmingly invaded some areas. All this and half a metre of manure gives the building the appearance of a ruin rather than school. But thanks to the robustness of the construction, almost medieval in scale, you can still use almost all of the walls, and recover the building as it was, with little masonry work.

First Floor

First Floor

Plan of Action

The strategy of action is based on recovering the original exterior shape of the building, using mostly local materials and taking advantage of as many existing elements of the ruin as possible. Labour, as in the rest of the reconstructions projects carried out in Iscles, is provided by the members of the association themselves, helped by volunteers, friends and family.

In this way, once the ruin has been emptied of manure, which will be incorporated into our orchards, and of other rubble that will be separated for reuse, we will proceed to clean and consolidate the masonry with the same original elements, i.e. stone and clay mortars.

On a solid plane of stone, a light clay screed will be made, where the wooden sleepers are fixed, which do the function of tying and distributing the loads of the beams on all the walls.

interior Distribution

interior Distribution

Roofing System

Roofing System

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

The roof will be made from pine trunks with a rustic finish, preserving the original layout, with four main beams supported by the central pillar, which divide in half the beams light. Above these there is a sandwich made from two layers of wood board with a central layer of wood fibre insulation, and on top of this a waterproofing layer covered with curved roof tiles, partly recovered from the same construction.

In the same way, the intermediate floor, which will serve as the classroom, is composed of a sandwich of two layers of wood board with natural intermediate insulation, ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation of the lower, not climatized floor.

Inside, there are rustic finishes and natural materials such as plaster, lime mortars, wood and natural paints, incorporating in some areas more specific techniques such as stucco or tadelakt.

All heating, hot water and electricity installations will be from renewable sources, or from biomass obtained by ourselves in the environment. Thus, a mixed system is proposed, from a wood-burning stove that together with solar panels will provide heat and hot water for the bathroom (both in winter and summer).

In addition, the bathroom will be equipped with a Clivius-type dry toilet system that, by separating the urine, will be used to compost the faeces that will then be reincorporated into the soil, avoiding water pollution. The water used in showers, washbasins and urinals will be channeled to the nearby greywater treatment pond in the village.

Summary of Key Points

  • Rural Community Project
  • Multipurpose cultural centre
  • Free School
  • Recovery of architectural heritage
  • Bioconstruction
  • 0Km Materials
  • Self-construction and volunteering
  • Renewable energies
Sketch of Finished Project

Sketch of Finished Project

Cost Evaluation





STRUCTURE Bricklaying Sacks of hydraulic lime, Sacks of calcium hydroxide, Straw to mix with clay.

450.00 €

Roof Pine round beams, pine tongue and groove board, wood fibre insulation, battens, OSB panels, corrugated panel, Arabic tile, fixing equipment, wood treatment, auxiliary equipment

7,040.00 €

Floors Pine round beams, pine tongue and groove board, wood fibre insulation, battens, fastening devices, wood treatment.

4,200.00 €


11,690.00 €

ENCLOSURES Doors & Windows Simple wood joinery, planks for making frames and custom elements, hardware and screws, wood treatment

4,200.00 €

Masonry Hydraulic Lime Sacks, Calcium Hydroxide Sacks, Mixing Straw with Clay, Pine Strip, Fixtures



4,500.00 €

INTERIORS Plaster Sacks of calcium hydroxide, gypsum, pigments, aggregates, latex, waxes.

200.00 €

Attic Pine beams, plank, anchors and means of fixation, wood treatment

1,500.00 €


1,700.00 €

INSTALATIONS Electricity Tubes, wiring, boxes, apparatus, protective boxes

500.00 €

Sanitary Washbasin, urinal, shower

200.00 €

Plumbing Pipes, pumps, accessories, taps

300.00 €

ACS System Mixed solar-wood-fired boiler hot water system

1,500.00 €

Heating Wood-fired boiler, smoke outlet

600.00 €

Dry Sanitary System Clivius System, ventilation

200.00 €


3,300.00 €


21,190.00 €

What we Need

Mínimum: consolidation of the building and construction of the roof, which ensures its conservation and to be able to continue in future phases (7.490€)

Ideal: To be able to finish this project and inaugurate the school for the next academic year. (21.190€)

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